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In this brief guide, we will discuss anxiety from being overwhelmed as well as how to cope with it.

Anxiety from Being Overwhelmed

Anxiety from being overwhelmed comes about because anxiety is basically an irrational fear, and when one is overwhelmed they can feel like they are losing control, which is something that can worsen the symptoms of anxiety or even cause them.

Anxiety can come about as a result of any overwhelming circumstance that leads to the feelings of being out of place or dependent on the situation in which the person is, or even in cases where the person feels excessive fear which feels insurmountable.

In such a situation of overwhelming fear, one can often start to feel a sense of anxiety because of their feelings of inadequacy and their level of skill at being able to deal effectively with the given situation.

Being Overwhelmed can sometimes be indistinguishable from anxiety because what it looks and feels like can change from situation to situation, and while in some situations one might experience many physical symptoms like dizziness and palpitations, in some other situations one may also feel like they simply don’t exist in the world around them or are just numb.

Being overwhelmed and anxious can also cause a lack of focus or an inability to know what to do next, which results in a great deal of confusion.

Anxiety, especially anxiety from being overwhelmed, can often feel extremely insurmountable and one may often feel like there is no point in even trying to help their situations.

Being overwhelmed and anxious can also make someone want to hide away from the world, and one may start feeling symptoms like tiredness, irritability, a lack of patience or empathy.

The reason for anxiety from being overwhelmed can be a lot of things, for instance, it can simply be that the person feels inadequate compared to the expectations everyone has of them, or something that all of us have experienced at some point or another, feeling like there is not enough time to do everything.

The latter reason tends to apply very often to people who are studying because they have to start thinking and it’s all too much. Things may also start feeling overwhelming and anxiety-provoking when someone starts to struggle with little things in their day to day life, and they may start feeling like they are going through the motions of living their best life, which can also feel like a stressful thing.

When someone starts to feel overwhelmed from just being active in their day to day life they may be more likely to feel anxious at the prospect, because they may feel like they are not able to do the very bare minimum either.

When someone experiences anxiety from being overwhelmed they may find it hard to keep things in perspective which may make matters worse, and there are various cognitive distortions that may also start acting up to make things even worse for them.

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Anxiety from being overwhelmed is the same in the process as any other type of anxiety, in that it may well be formed due to the self-identities and schemas people have, which they are not able to shake off on their own without seeking therapy.

A common cognitive distortion in people who are suffering from any type of anxiety is that they may often see things in black and white terms, and they may feel like there are certain things they simply have to do, or “Should” do, which is very harmful to anyone’s thinking and emotional state.

Anxiety from being overwhelmed can also feel draining and tiring because the person has already lost the resources they would ordinarily need to deal with the emotions usually associated with anxiety, and this can make anxiety from being overwhelmed.

Anxiety from being overwhelmed can often make one feel like their life is falling apart and they are not able to cope with the most ordinary things that they may feel others don’t have any issues with, and this feeling of “I am not good enough”, adds to the feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious.

A thing to remember in such circumstances is that no one is completely immune to being overwhelmed, and therefore anxiety from being overwhelmed is something that can affect just about anyone, and the fact that anyone can experience it is something that may be able to give someone a sense of camaraderie and make them feel less alone.

It is true that when someone is experiencing anxiety from being overwhelmed they may often feel like they are the only ones feeling this way, but the more they start feeling like this is not something that is unique to them or that they are not the only people that have ever been overwhelmed, the more they may realise that they have people to talk to.

So if you are in a position of anxiety from being overwhelmed, something that may help is to talk to someone that is going through, or has gone through the same thing, perhaps in the same situation or perhaps because of a shared experience, and this may help you to not feel so isolated and alone.

Also, it may help you to not compare and berate yourself because this is not something that will ever help you in the long run.

Being Overwhelmed: Symptom of Anxiety

Being overwhelmed is also one of the symptoms of anxiety, and many people may experience it along with the other common symptoms of anxiety-like palpitations or the common physical symptoms of anxiety.

When someone is feeling overwhelmed many times they may not realise that it is because they are experiencing anxiety, and they may only feel like they are not able to cope, but that that is it. The reason for this is that many times people don’t realise that they are suffering from anxiety just because they don’t have any of the classical symptoms.

When someone is experiencing being overwhelmed from anxiety they may also tend to feel a great deal of stress and this may affect all of the person’s thoughts and therefore experience symptoms of anxiety as well as stress equally.

Anxiety also makes it very hard to focus on anything other than the anxiety, and sometimes that can also be overwhelming, and in such cases, the person may only recognize being overwhelmed as a symptom of anxiety and not much else.

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Being overwhelmed is one of the main symptoms of anxiety in cases where the person is unable to focus on anything but the anxiety itself, and naturally, in these cases, the person feels even more anxiety.

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How to Cope with Anxiety from Being Overwhelmed?

Here are some tips on how to cope with the anxiety from being overwhelmed:

Accepting the feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed is the first step towards overcoming it, and then once the person is able to do that they may not give in so much to the all-consuming emotions as much.

In some cases of trying to cope with the anxiety from being overwhelmed the person may not always be able to recognize all the particularly anxious moments, but with some practice they may be able to learn and stop themselves from spiralling all the way down at the very least.

When one learns to recognize anxiety, to a certain degree, and accepts that it is a “normal” part of the human experience, this can arm them with the strength or the resources they typically may need to work through those uncomfortable feelings.

Trying to work through the overwhelmed thought processes is another thing that someone needs to learn to do if they feel anxious too often, and this can be done by writing down why one is feeling overwhelmed or simply meditating or finding a quiet place.

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Often, being overwhelmed can result simply from the sensory inputs one is receiving constantly, and you may not realise how much it is bothering you till you actually sit down away from them and try to focus your attention.

Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed because you are in a situation where you are feeling like everything is fraught with unpredictability, you may start to feel a great deal of despair and this can further the anxiety you are feeling.

Being overwhelmed can also lead to many unreasonable thoughts and this can also build up your anxiety, so getting rid of some of the more damaging thoughts before they become habitual ruminations is something that can really help.

Taking deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious is something that can help tremendously, because one may feel like breathing more consciously may fill them with an inherent sense of calm and stability.

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Also, when one breathes in deeply and carefully, they increase the distribution of oxygen in their brain and blood, which clears the mind and makes it a little easier to think, which naturally aids cognitive processes.

Therapy is obviously something that helps very much in dealing with any kind of anxiety, so even if you don’t have an anxiety disorder, you may truly benefit from it. Yoga or other type of meditative activities also help a lot when trying to deal with anxiety, whether it is from being overwhelmed or anything else.

If you’re open to trying yoga for anxiety and stress relief, check out these top Yoga DVDs.

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In this brief guide, we will discuss anxiety from being overwhelmed as well as how to cope with it.

If you have any questions or comments about anxiety from being overwhelmed, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Anxiety from Being Overwhelmed

Is feeling overwhelmed a symptom of anxiety?

Yes, feeling overwhelmed can be a symptom of anxiety, as anxiety can make a person feel like they are losing control and are not able to be in touch with their surroundings. This makes anxiety very overwhelming.
Feeling overwhelmed is a symptom of anxiety in the sense of the person’s physiological response to anxiety-provoking stimulus as well, because people respond to anxiety very strongly even in the physical sense, which is due to the stress hormone called cortisol.

How can I calm my overwhelming anxiety?

Here are some tips to calm overwhelming anxiety:
Visualization of calmness
Releasing anxiety or anger.
Listening to music.Music and sounds can stimulate the brain. If you’re open to trying out some binaural beats to get rid of fear and anxiety, try Best Binaural Beats for Anxiety.
Changing one’s focus.
Challenging your thoughts.
Admission of being anxious or angry.
Thinking about the thing worrying you

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What are the symptoms of being overwhelmed?

Here are symptoms of being overwhelmed:
Low energy.
Frequent colds and infections.
Aches, pains, and tense muscles.
Loss of sexual desire and/or ability.Upset stomach
Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.

How do you recover from being overwhelmed?

You can recover from being overwhelmed through these methods:
Tune out of your emotions for a little bit
Talk to a friend
Exercise.We recommend the Peloton Ride.
Take some time out
Practice mindfulness
Pray or meditate
Read something unrelated to your condition


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