Man Utd takeover LIVE - Sir Jim Ratcliffe has private hope (2023)

Man Utd's next six Premier League fixtures

Manchester United bidders continue to await communication from the Raine Group as the Glazer family weighs up the latest offers to buy the club. Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus joined Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe in pursuing a full-scale takeover in the second stage.

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Scott McTominay's impressive exploits as Scotland defeated Spain on Tuesday marked the end of the international break.

United are back in action this weekend with a challenging trip to St. James' Park to face top-four rivals Newcastle United.

From there, the relentless schedule of playing a game every three days will return, with the FA Cup and Europa League still up for grabs alongside the hunt for a Champions League return.

But in the background, takeover updates are highly sought-after as the process progresses.

Follow LIVE updates below...

Man Utd takeover LIVE - Sir Jim Ratcliffe has private hope (3)

Man Utd takeover LIVE: Erik ten Hag, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sheikh Jassim. (Image: GETTY/TWITTER)

Tom Parsons

Man Utd could be sold for eight times Real Madrid’s value

Should the Glazers get their wish, Manchester United will be sold for a fee in the region of £6billion. And, should a takeover take place, then the Red Devils will go for eight times more than Real Madrid’s entire valuation. Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe currently lead the race, though it’s unclear who the frontrunner is at the current moment in time.

Despite being the most successful club in world football, at least when it comes to Champions League titles, Real are valued at £747million, according to Statistica.

Alex Turk

Sheikh Jassim plots European domination

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani has a plan to branch Manchester United across Europe if he buys the club from the Glazers.

According to reports, Qatar Sports Investments hope Sheikh Jassim takes over at Old Trafford so they can form a three-way partnership.

QSI own Paris Saint-Germain and hold a controlling stake in Braga. The Portuguese club is said to be eyed as a development tool for PSG and United.

However, under UEFA rules, Sheikh Jassim would likely have to provide proof that he isn't directly linked with QSI.


Alex Turk

Ratcliffe confident of takeover

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is reportedly confident of completing a deal to buy Manchester United.

The INEOS founder is said to have told friends that he believes he will win the race to take over United.

But he will likely have to increase his bid a second time, with the latest wave of offers reportedly not matching the Glazers' asking price.


Alex Turk

FA Cup date set

Manchester United will face Brighton in the FA Cup semi-finals on Sunday, April 23.

The two teams will battle it out at Wembley for a place in the final against Manchester City or Sheffield United.

That semi-final will be played on Saturday, April 22.

Man Utd takeover LIVE - Sir Jim Ratcliffe has private hope (4)

Man Utd will face Brighton on Sunday, April 23. (Image: GETTY)

Mikael McKenzie

Qataris accused of playing games

Sky Sports’ Kaveh Solhekol has suggested that Man Utd chiefs are not overly convinced with the way the Qataris have gone about their business.

“Everyone wants to know exactly how much the bid from the Qataris is worth, but that exact figure is not being given away,” Solhekol told Sky Sports.

“I think there were some concerns that the Qataris were playing games in terms of the delay in submitting their second bid, because they went very quiet all week. There was this request that went in on Tuesday for more time and then there was silence until the bid went in overnight on Friday.

“There were people in the US who were beginning to wonder whether the Qataris were actually going to bid, but the information we had was the Qataris were always going to bid. They were just taking their time.

“One way of looking at this could be that the Qataris are just playing a little bit of poker. They want to make the Glazers sweat a little bit.

“They don’t want to make the Glazers think they’re desperate to buy Manchester United, but of course behind the scenes, they are 100 per cent committed to buying Manchester United. They just want to make sure they get the best possible price.”

Mikael McKenzie

Sir Alex Ferguson inducted into Hall of Fame

Sir Alex Ferguson has been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame having guided Manchester United to 13 titles.

"It's an honour when you receive recognition like this," Ferguson said.

"However, it's not just about me as a person. It's about the job at Manchester United and the bond we had over many years, so I'm also proud for the club, the staff and my players."

Alex Turk

Ratcliffe has UEFA hurdle

Sir Jim Ratcliffe could be forced to sell his stake in Ligue 1 club OGC Nice if he completes a takeover of Manchester United.

According to ESPN, if Ratcliffe became United's owner and both clubs qualified for the Champions League, only one would be able to enter.

UEFA would decide that by handing the place to the club that finished higher in their respective league.

It would be a significant stumbling block only likely resolved by a change of rules or Ratcliffe sacrificing his stake in Nice to own United.

Alex Turk

Elliott involved in three-horse race

Elliott Investment is a serious contender to beat Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe in the Manchester United takeover race.

According to The Times, with the Qatari and INEOS offers yet to meet the Glazers' £6bn valuation, Elliott Investment is emerging as the third contender in a three-horse race.

The US hedge fund wouldn't undergo a full takeover. Instead, they would fund the Glazers with minority investment, allowing them to remain in control at Old Trafford.

Man Utd takeover LIVE - Sir Jim Ratcliffe has private hope (5)

Man Utd takeover LIVE: Elliott Investment would allow the Glazers to stay at the club. (Image: GETTY)

Alex Turk

Ten Hag wanted by bidder

Thomas Zilliacus has made it clear that he would love for Erik ten Hag to remain Manchester United manager if he buys the club from the Glazers.

New ownership could prompt change en masse on and off the pitch at United.

However, the Finn, who is an outsider in the takeover process, has praised him for the job he's doing in M16.

He told NOS: "I think he's done an amazing job. So I really hope that he stays with the club, and if I would be the owner, I'd definitely want to see him continue."

Alex Turk

Zilliacus hails Ronaldo decision

Prospective Manchester United owner Thomas Zilliacus has credited Erik ten Hag for his strong decision on Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Finnish entrepreneur believes United are 'significantly better' without Ronaldo in the attack.

And he has hailed Ten Hag for making the strong decision at such an early stage of his Old Trafford tenure.

He told NOS: "From what I've seen, he's a brilliant manager. What he did with Ajax was amazing, and what he's done now with Manchester United is equally amazing.

"Because early in the season, things didn't look very good. And he had the courage, which I really admire, to tell even big established stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, 'look, this is me running this, and this is how I need to do'.

"And that led Ronaldo to leave the club, which now seems to have been a good move because the club is doing significantly better without him."

Alex Turk


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